Vinh Nguyen

Dancer | Choreographer | Creative

artist work

Official surprise guest act of The Chainsmokers, alongside the Backstreet Boys and Big Sean. 

Vinh Nguyen X the Chainsmokers X VIBRVNCY
Choreographed by: Vinh Nguyen
Performed by: Anthony Lee, Bong Buno, Carlo Darang, Jeremy Aguas, Keone Madrid, Mike Song, Pat Cruz, Vinh Nguyen
Filmed by: Jon Shih

concept video

"That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars

Directed, Produced, & Choreographed by:  Vinh Nguyen
Director of Photography:  Gerald Nonato
Edited by:  Nick Kim
Costume design:  Gabri Velasquez
Performed by:  Vinh Nguyen, Anthony Lee, Justin Santiago, Bong Buno, & Trevor Takemoto